Ever felt like your soul was dying?

That was how I felt for several years. I was so close to living in total darkness and refused to acknowledge my pain. I spent more time nourishing my lover and never bothered to notice that my tank was running on E. Imagine constantly living in fight or flight mode. How my day was or even my mood ceased to matter. I knew that as soon as I heard those keys open the front door I was immediately on alert. No matter how happy I may have been, my mood would completely change if my lover was upset. Being an empath is beautiful but sometimes painful if you haven't quite figured out how to filter your feelings from others'. Almost on queue, I would find myself catering to my lover's emotions as if I did something wrong. I was drowning and couldn't think clearly enough to figure out how to hold my breath so that I could swim out of despair. This light that I naturally embodied was dimming so quick. 

I used to write... ALL. THE. TIME. It's the best way that I know how to express myself, aside from singing incessantly for hours at a time. And for some reason I stopped writing for quite a while. Until this book. My life vest, so to speak. Releasing my thoughts and nourishing my love for photography was how I began to heal.

My story is about rediscovering self-love. Often times we get so caught up with caring for everyone around us that we neglect our own needs. We have to remember to love ourselves fully first. You cannot pour from an empty vessel.

Grab a glass of your favorite wine. Curl up on the couch and journey with me.

Cheers to love of self and mental health.