“You should be able to look at my work and see me.”

Who, Me?


My name is Marquita and I'm a Tampa based fashion and portrait photographer. I'm also the mother of the coolest, most intelligent 13 year old son. In the midst of discovering my talents, I also published my first book:'“BEFORE I LOSE MYSELFon Amazon! I have taken my share of scenic routes throughout my journey and nothing will ever feel as natural and inspiring to me as art. Thank you for taking the time to see a piece of the world through my lens. ♥ 


Is a combination of both my grandmother's names and I wanted to honor that energy in my lineage. I felt the presence of my grandmothers with me while driving home one afternoon and was guided by spirit to incorporate the two of them into my business name.

My Photo Style

Clean and natural. When editing photos, my goal is to present crisp images, as if you were viewing them in person. In real time. My retouching includes editorial skin retouching, removing fly aways, removing blemishes and whitening teeth if needed. I understand that some may want certain areas of their body to be resized. I believe that we're all beautiful in every phase our bodies go through and my goal is to capture that in a way that may help you fall more in love with all that you are.