What love looks like series:

In the climate we live in that is drowning by an overwhelming weight of hate and sorrow, I wanted to capture love. Of all forms. Of all people. To be able to photograph couples in love and ask them a few simple questions about their journey led to the most beautiful responses. Join me on the scenic route of what love looks like.

What Love Looks Like:COURTNEY && KILA

Courtney and Kila met in 2003 while in college at USf. Courtney thought of a pretty cool way to show his interest in Kila by slipping a note under her door and asking that she listen to a particular song on Dru Hill's album ('Beauty is her name'). Along with the requested song, he left her his number and asked her to give him a call. "Oh I called the number but he didn't pick up", Kila jokingly points out. Eventually they spoke to one another and have been together ever since. According to Courtney, he admired, "her mothering skills the most. It was something we, as men look for when considering a woman to be their wife." Now 15 years later, their love continues to grow, as well as their handsome son, Kai. 

This is what 15 years of love looks like. ♥


What Love Looks Like: Tonshae && Marc

Tonshae and Marc met while in college at USF (on Holy drive to be specific). Tonshae recalls her and her friends, " were coming back from Red Lobster and were being dropped off at my friend Taneishia's dorm room. We saw three guys and they tried to talk to us. I was being stank." 

Marc matched her energy saying, "If they didn’t want us talking to them then just say no." (Tonshae replied with a swift NO, lol). But being freshmen and finding Marc attractive, her and her friends decided to call the guys back over for more conversation. "We exchanged numbers and he spelled my name correctly, which was a highlight for me." People typically spell her name wrong, so naturally she expected as much. When asked what he admired most about Tonshae: "For one, I admire her beauty. She's smart, and she's caring. And she's the best mother I know. And I love the way she takes care of my son." He also made a point to mention that they will be having a couple more, while rubbing her belly. Such an adorable couple!

This is what 13 years of love looks like. ♥


What love looks like: mike && dee

Mike and Dee met at FSU during a physics class. It was an auditorium style setting and Mike was sitting in a row above Deidra. "I remember her smile and she she turned to me after class and said that it seems like I know this stuff." Deidra asked if Mika would like to study sometime and he was completely fine with that suggestion.

"He told me that his parents would be really happy to know that he's studying. And I'm thinking, your parents care?!? (LOL) Now they're a beautiful couple with a gorgeous baby girl named Luna. 

This is what 11 years of love looks like. ♥


What love looks like:Carolyn && Terrance

Carolyn and Terrance met 21 years ago through family members: his uncle’s wife is her sister’s cousin. They introduced them and the rest was history. Terrance is everything a woman needs. He provides for his family and makes sure Carolyn is taken care of in every way. Terrance admires the fact that Carolyn is a godly woman, caring, and puts everyone above herself. They have created a beautiful, prosperous and balanced relationship with one another.

This is what 21 years of love looks like. ♥ 


What love looks like: Rhonda && Greg

Rhonda and Greg have been together for 37 years! Rhonda’s mother and Greg’s sister were friends and set the two of them up. Rhonda was 17 and Greg was 21. “The unofficial story was that she was desperate and her mom knew I was a good looking man, so she hooked us up.” The fact that he’s a family man is one of the main qualities Rhonda loves about Greg. He knows, without a shadow of a doubt that Rhonda will always have his back.

This is what 37 years of love looks like ♥ 


What love looks like: Shalonda && Sam

Shalanda and Sam met in high school 20+ years ago. Sam skipped his morning classes to wait for her class to head to lunch. It was at this time that he walked up to Shalanda in his ROTC uniform and asked if she would be his girlfriend. He didn’t know it at the time, but Shalanda had a crush on him as well. They’ve been together ever since and have a beautiful family they created as well. 

This is what their love looks like. ♥  


What love looks like: Shawn && Beth

Shawn and Beth have been together for 8 years and were introduce to one another in an interesting way: Beth's best friend was dating one of Shawn's ex-girlfriends. “I went out on a limb and messaged Shawn.I told them that I was going to karaoke and invited them to come. This was on March 31st." Shawn is more reserved and loves the fact that Beth is bold. They compliment each other in this way. Beth loves the fact that Shawn is selfless and will put other's needs before their own. Shawn also volunteers often and Beth admires that about them. Everything about their relationship was sincere. They joked a lot, like one would with their best friend. In fact, they are best friends, which makes a relationship that much more solid.

This is what their love looks like. ♥